Desk employee wanted

General characteristics

The desk clerk is the first point of contact for patients and thus ‘the face of the practice’. The desk clerk is responsible for administrative and secretarial support of the practice.

Profile of the function


  • MBO 3 working and thinking level, obtained through education and / or relevant work experience.
  • Some knowledge of dentistry.
  • Knowledge of relevant laws and regulations and the applicable protocols, instructions and guidelines.
  • Verbal control of Papiamento, Dutch, English and Spanish.
  • Knowledge of the applied applications and automation packages.

Specific function characteristics

  • Representativeness.
  • Service and patient-oriented attitude.
  • Social skills, such as tact and empathic ability.
  • Insight needed for assessing the urgency and duration of treatment of dental questions and pain complaints and putting the right process into operation.
  • Planning and organizational skills for planning the work and setting priorities.
  • Accuracy for the correct processing of a variety of data.
  • Flexibility and stress-resistant when performing work under time pressure and when switching between activities and ad hoc respond to changes in planning.
  • Integrity in dealing with confidential (patient) information.