State Secretary Raymond Knops | Photo BZK

The Hague – The government of Aruba will have until 30 April to present a budget that meets the recommendations of the College Aruba financial supervision. If not, there will be a clue, as the Council of Ministers will decide tomorrow (Friday) on the recommendation of State Secretary Raymond Knops of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

In a letter to the RMR, Knops emphasizes that Aruba closed the year 2017 with a financing deficit of 3.1%, 2.6% higher than the standard previously agreed with the Netherlands. Knops also writes that the draft budget for 2018 shows a deficit of 3.9%, without taking into account the obligation to compensate for the deficit of 2017 this year. The debt ratio is therefore likely to rise to 91% in the course of this year.

The CAft advises the RMR to demand from the Aruban government that measures be taken to ensure that the deficit for 2018 remains below that of 2017. The MEB also pointed out a complicating factor to the RMR: formally, the financial supervision of the Aruban fiscal policy ends at the end of this year.