Your Additional UTS Questions Answered…

I mentioned a few days ago that I sent some additional questions to mister Louisa from UTS and he was kind enough to take the time to reply. Below you will see the questions that I sent (these were questions that were scattered throughout the comment section and forum)..followed by his response to the question in particular…

“Which are the 5 big neighborhoods already VDSL capable?”

Biesheuvel, Van Engelen, Jongbloed, Rooi Catootje, Janwe.

“Oh, and I was told once that I had to cancel my postpaid chippie ON THE FINAL DAY of my contract, because they wouldn’t/couldn’t tell the system not to renew my contract! What’s that all about?”

You can cancel your postpaid contract 1 month prior to expiration date, if not the contract will be tacitly prolonged with 1 additional year.

“Why am I paying over 150 naf for 4mb just because I can’t renew my contract until end of year while many are paying 99 naf for 4mb.. that’s bogus!!!”

UTS matched the customers´ contract value to new packages. E.g. contract value ANG 49, – p/m will be matched to 4Mbps, contract value ANG 99, – is matched to 16Mbps and contract value ANG 149, – is matched to 26Mbps.

“Why do they ‘upgrade’ the speeds of their customers to the maximum they can get but don’t they ‘upgrade’ their contract prices to the lower price also?”

This will be done this month.

“(i know 6 guilders per month is no real big money, but this is a matter of principle!)

Gosh, this reminds me of the conversation with the lady at UTS I spoke to about this… according to her reasoning, they can’t change the package price for me because they CAN’T give me the promised speed yet!!! :S”

This information is incorrect.

“And how about this one! Do they start charging their new clients that signed up for the 26mbit package starting the day they signed up?! (even though they can’t deliver the speeds the package promised)”

Charging will start on date of delivery.

“Oh, to Ricardo, they told me when I asked about losing my sim that I could feel free to pass by and PAY them for a new sim to transfer my contract to. And they would even be nice enough that they wouldn’t renew my contract on the spot!”


“Zou je eens willen vragen wat ze gaan doen aan het niet voldoen aan hun contractuele verplichting om per 1 januari 20 mb te gaan leveren aan klanten die reeds 155,00 of 179,00 nafl betalen (double play). Ik heb zelf nog steeds 16 mb want meer kan mijn verbinding blijkbaar niet aan. Monteur is hier geweest en kreeg er niet meer uitgeperst. Lijkt mij dat mensen die nog steeds geen 20 mb hebben minimaal een restitutie op hun abonnement moeten krijgen totdat ze eindelijk de 26 mb kunnen gaan leveren. Dat is nu toch al 3 maanden á 56,00 per maand wat we teveel betalen. Ben benieuwd naar hun reactie.”

20Mbps is geen contractuele verplichting, maar een tussentijdse upgrade voor klanten met een contract van 10Mbps in afwachting van levering 26Mbps.

David, zou je mij de gegevens van deze klant kunnen opsturen zodat ik kan checken wat er aan de hand is met de verbinding.

I believe it was a reader called Wilfried that asked that question….so Wilfried, could send me your contact info so that I can forward it to mister Louisa? As for other issues, mister Louisa asks to send them through this complaint form. He’ll also be sending me more info soon, so that I can start making the UTS Wiki page.

So guys, more questions?

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