Yes, Service On Curacao Still Sucks

During the past couple of years I’ve written several articles (on Curacao Connected and other sites and publications) about the service on Curacao being the equivalent of alligator vomit.

Every article followed the same pattern:

– Tell the story of some horrible customer service experience
– Make childish jokes involving fecal matter and/or genitalia
– End the article by begging the companies involved to improve their service

Fast forward three years and I find myself, sadly, penning the same vitriol. The tipping point came yesterday, when another trip to Ennia ended in frustration and even more waste of time. I’ll save you the long and depressing story by just highlighting the lowlights (see what I did there?).

– We moved 5 months ago, but our mail was still being sent to our old address. This despite the address change being communicated 4 times (on the phone and in person).
– We received a signed letter, mentioning a discount on our 2013 insurance plan. Turns out that the letter contained a typo, which means that instead of a discount, we’re actually going to be paying more in 2013.
– We requested to start paying our bill monthly instead of quarterly. It’s been two weeks and no one can tell us what our monthly price is going to be.
– Combine the above mentioned points with the fact that phone calls are not returned and that I’ve lost more than 3 hours while sitting and waiting at the service department during the past weeks…and you may understand what I mean.

I ended up venting on Facebook and asking others what their worst customer service experience has been here on Curacao. The answers started to come in quickly, with repeat offenders like UTS, Scarlet and TDS immediately being mentioned.


After posting my complaints, Ennia got in touch with me and handled this issue very professionally. WATCH AND LEARN UTS.

Listen Up

Now, before I post some of my worst moments and those shared with us on Facebook, let me just remind companies (and company employees) who may read this (and get their panties in a bunch) of a few facts.

We are clients. We are paying you hard earned money for a certain product or service. We (usually) have other options, so you shouldn’t consider yourself God’s gift to mankind. As soon as our money is going into your cash register, we are entitled to friendly service and a smile. You should show us that you care about us and our well being because we are paying you to do so.

In short, wake the fuck up and provide decent service. It’s not impossible (see the United States, Europe, the Middle East, every other country or region in the world).

The Worst Service I Have Gotten On Curacao

Besides this Ennia debacle, I have experienced plenty of other unbelievable things here on Curacao. Just go through the archives and you’ll find plenty of gems, especially from my friends at UTS. That said, let’s recap some of the finer moments that I have been unfortunate to live through.


I was one of the first to sign up for UTS’ 3G service back in 2008. Sadly, the modem kept “blue screening” my laptop. A call to the customer service center was useless, as the lady did not even know that they were offering 3G service.

A technician got mad at me for making him wait “too long” outside. The man did not honk or call. He just stood outside and expected me to magically sense that he was waiting outside. Let’s also ignore the fact that UTS made me wait almost two months for this appointment.

I once went months without Internet because I moved and my request was filed as “completed”, without any technician passing by.

The first time I paid my bill online, I followed the instructions provided by UTS and mentioned by phone number in the payment details.This is wrong. You should use your contract number. This resulted in my pay never being delivered and me being shut off. They still charged me the extra Naf. 25 to reconnect me.


We decided to ditch TDS a number of years ago. We asked for our deposit and were told that management has to hold a meeting to decide when we can get it back. Wrap your head around that for a second…


Everyone gets frustrated when they lose power, especially when it happens numerous times in a week and especially when rates keep going up. I wrote an article that was supposed to get Aqualectra to wake up and do a better job with regard to social media and communications. Instead of accepting the criticism and learning from their mistakes, they replied with this

The management of Aqualectra is very disapointed to see these comments on this blog.To bad our own clients are so negative on the company who always is trying to enhance it’s service and communication to the clients by using also facebook page. It’s also very sad to make comments without being correctly informed about the company. Thank you for letting us inform you that these comments always make us stronger to serve you better….

“The world is full of willing people some willing to work . The rest willing te let them!”

Aqualectra: It’s like being kicked in the face


Digicel approached me right before they launched their new 4G service. I was going to get a chance to thoroughly test it and write an exclusive article here on Curacao Connected. I had to be fair, but also honest in my writing. “If the service is bad, let us know” I was told.

I mentioned in my review that the speeds were disappointing and showed some speed test results. Digicel did not take kind to this and told me that this was not really what they were hoping for. Communication stopped, the modem stopped working (while I still had 3 weeks of usage left) and I did not get an invitation to the launch party anymore.

Digicel: Where everyone acts like 3 year olds…

eZone Curacao

Do you enjoy waiting for hours, getting shitty treatment and not getting your stuff on time? Well, eZone is the company for you! If you’ve ever had your items bonded, you’ll know what I mean.

Ed. note: It has actually gotten worse…if that’s even possible.

Kia Motors

We picked out a new car and told Kia we’d pick it up as soon as all the paperwork was done. Somehow, another salesman sold the car and no one bothered to tell me. When we arrived to pick up the car, the salesman kept lying as to where the car was. He gave us the runaround for almost two weeks, before finally caving and admitting that the car was sold to someone else. We had to settle for another car, as the one we wanted was the last in stock…


Not going to waste many words here. Let me just say that I’d rather brush my teeth with a porcupine than ever enter that place again…

What Others Had To Say

Here’s what others had to say when asked about their worst customer experience on Curacao..

Tapirama or should I say tapiDrama

At a local shoe store, I asked if they had a pair in size 42. After 15 minutes the lovely lady came back: “No, we don’t have 42, but here’s a pair of 39 to try on….”

Kranshi. Waited most of the afternoon for visa approval for some musicians and they told me to come back the next day because they didn’t have anyone to put stamps on the documents, and I had too many (25) according to them. Made sure I got priority for the next day.

Forgot tu mention uts . Mi ruman ta tin un 3g modem di nan ora e la reklama ku kaminda e ta biba e no ta traha doodleuk asina a bise ku e tin ku verhuis bai biba un kaminda ku si e ta traha.

UTS, Aqualectra… but for me now CURGAS. First not being able to deliver gas on time. Try their emergency line when you have a gas leak or in my case a gas explosion and a kitchen which almost burned down… good luck! We should start handing out awards to companies…. Worst Customer Service 2012… 2013 etc.. and a hall of shame.

Scarlet; een jaarcontract getekend en halverwege bieden ze klanten zonder contract hetzelfde pakket voor de halve prijs, maarja, ik had een contract en moest het eerst uitzitten voordat ik als klant gebruik mocht maken van dezelfde service voor de halve prijs, werkte het intnet maar redelijk, maar ook dat was waardeloos en ze hebben nog meer storingen dan Aqualectra.

Owh yeah I forgot about Scarlet… had een oude modem… kwamen ze met een firmware upgrade om hogere snelheden te krijgen. Bleek dat mijn modem vervangen moest worden. Dit kon alleen als ik ee nieuw contract aan zou gaan van 2 jaar. En alle kosten voor de klant ba tende… dikke vinger yu… dan maar overschakelen.

Begonnen bij 3g UTS, daarna het megadure 4g van digicell, want als je over je datalimiet was kost een dvd tje downloaden je Nafl 3000 of nog erger Scarlet en nu FLow, wow! Geen gezeik met contracten en tot mijn verbazing alleen maar uitgevallen omdat Aqualectra weer eens uitviel…en die prijs! Whaha, lach me eindelijk eens rot op deze bananenklip…

Where Do We Go From Here?

Will these rants lead to better service on Curacao? I don’t know, I’m just hoping for steady improvement . The key is to keep posting, sharing and commenting. Those in charge are reading along and they shit their pants once things start to hit too close to home.

Have any bad experiences you wish to share? Let us know in the comments section, via Facebook or email.

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