Why Cant UTS Get It Right?

Well it seems that there is something wrong with UTS recently. I’m hope that this is just a random case and that it’s not happening to other people as well.

A couple of week go I went to visit a friend. I took my laptop along because I wanted to check some stuff during my stay at his house (I was planning to be there the whole afternoon).

“Hey Jose, my internet is acting up”, he said. “Surprise, surprise”, I thought. I decided to see if the UTS modem (blue Starbridge) was working and sadly it wasn’t.  After 15 minutes of waiting on the UTS support line, I was helped by a nice customer service representative.

“Yes, there is problem there”, he said. “One of our guys will be there to fix it”.  A technician did pass by, but things did not get better. When I came back to visit my friend,  I was greeted with the same exact words: “The internet is not working”. This time it was even worse, because my friend didn’t even know the password to his own Wi-Fi network anymore.  I wondered if those myths that I have been reading about on Curacao Connected (here and here) were true.

I proceeded to check out he UTS modem (it was replaced with a white one) and of course the Internet Led light was completely off. “Oh my”, I muttered. I turned to my friend and told him that it was his turn to wait in the call queue.

Are these isolated cases, or is there something really wrong with UTS? I guess you all know what my opinion is….

About the author

Jose Gregorio Herrera Cordova is a contributing writer for Curacao Connected. He writes mainly for the Spanish tech fanatics on Curacao.

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    • Hola, mi nombre es Andres Da Silva, soy de la ciuadd de Artigas / Uruguay, y sin duda quiero estar en la conferencia, me podrian pasar mas datos sobre ella???desde ya muchas graciasBendicionesAndres Da Silva

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