What A Glorious Day

Norbert George reminded us yesterday that not a single political party has presented a plan yet on how they are going to fix our island’s problems. This is concerning when you consider that the elections are exactly 5 weeks away.

Today, the fails were sadly taken to a whole new level. The day got started with news of Ivar Asjes earning a fat salary for a job that he is not doing. The man is apparently pulling in a second salary of 12k a month for doing diddly squat. It’s an allegation, but I don’t think that someone would just make this up.

Luckily, the fun did not end there. Omayra Leeflang took the whole “opposition” thing a bit too far and criticized MFK for backing Churandy Martina. She opened her mouth and stuck her foot so far down her throat, that she’ll be tasting her own toes for the next 27 years.

Omayra Leeflang fail










Christ on a unicorn, it gets worse every time I read it.

But as usual, the biggest fail was saved for last, as Pueblo Soberano hooligans decided that it would be a good idea to attack Fol-leader Anthony Godett. Cuz you know, we live in communist Russia.

Just when you thought that the bar could not lowered any further, someone answers the bell…

* sigh *

If you spot any election fails, please mail them to david@curacaoconnected.com, or tweet them to @curconnected with hashtag #curacaoelectionfail.

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