WaraWara GPS Curacao From The View Of Someone Who Was At “Living”

WaraWara GPS Curacao

We promised a little write up of the WaraWara GPS presentation at “Living” this pas weekend and here it is. We weren’t able to make it due to work reasons but a loyal reader was on hand and below you can read his opninions and the impressions that the WaraWara made….

1. There doesn’t seem to be a big difference between the regular screens and wide screens. (Ed. note: you can check the screen specs here)

2. The price is high, especially when you consider that the 265WT at it’s highest is still less than 300 dollars in the States. (Ed. note: The price has been an interesting point of discussion. Some people find it way too high, some think it’s reasonable. Whatever you think of it, you are entitled to your opinion and you’ll just have to decide for yourself if the system fits in your budget and if you have use for it.)

3. The units really are not heavy. In fact they are very light.

4. It’s true that about 95% of the streets are available on the map, but when the presentator zoomed in, the Points of Interest were little in my opinion.

5. It would have been good if they had offered the Curacao map on a SD card, and then offer the GPS units at a lower price.

6. Bluetooth handsfree seems to be the only difference between the two top models, which makes the middle one (205W) the best deal.

7. I asked about upgrades. I was told that later updates would be possible on the maps.

8. What worries me a little are the Points of Interests. I would like to see more of the little snacks and shops, which would be really handy for the local people.

In the end, our reader was left with a good impression and we’d like to thank him for his update and opinions. If you have any other questions about the WaraWara Curacao GPS, there’s an e-mail address on their website where you can contact them.

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