UTS Launches 4G+, Disappoints Everyone….

About one year ago, rumors of a Digicel 4G launch started to make the rounds. Two months later, after some user testing and a ‘semi-launch’, Digicel introduced their 4G to the public at a big event on the Brionplein in Otrobanda.

I had my fun with them along the way – partly because of some questionable decisions on their part and partly because I’m a childish dipshit – but looking back, Digicel handled their 4G launch a gazillion times better than UTS.

What’s that you ask? Did UTS launch their 4G service? Well yes, today was the big day and while many people (including myself) were eagerly waiting for UTS to one up Digicel, we were just left scratching our heads in disbelief.

When I woke up today, I immediately checked my phone in hope to see something, anything. Sadly, I was still getting ‘EDGE’ and even sadder, I was still getting EDGE speeds. A check of the UTS website however showed that 4G, or better said, Chippie 4G+, indeed had been launched.

So, what’s Chippie 4G+ you ask?

Chippie now offers the best 4G+ postpaid package for Voice and Data enabling you to have high-speed access to data and voice services in order to experience even more on your smart device. The + stands for more experience; UTS will launch a set of FREE apps which will be exclusively available on your UTS/Chippie 4G+ service.

Right now only the Premium postpaid package is available which can only be added to a Postpaid voice subscription. If you currently have a prepaid subscription you can apply for a postpaid Voice & Data subscription in order to acquire your 4G+ service. We will soon launch more 4G+ packages so be pending for more options.

Argghhh. It’s only available via a Postpaid subscription? Come on Paulus, are you trying to trick me into signing a horrible contract again?

Paulus: “Yes, but look at how much you’re getting back in return! You’re getting 500 free minutes, 150 free SMSes, a 5GB data bundle and a brand new Samsung Galaxy II absolutely free! Christ on a surf board Dave, that’s a good deal!”

Hold on there, my fine feathered friend. The 4G+ service costs Naf. 160,- per month for voice and Naf. 79,- for the premium 4G package. That  adds up to Naf. 239,- a month! And I have to sign a two-year contract? And new customers will be required to pay a deposit? And you might charge me an installation fee?

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Over the span of that two year contract I will have paid almost Naf. 6,000,-. And that’s without surpassing the 5GB quota! THAT PHONE IS NOT FREE. IT COSTS A FUCKING FIRST BORN SON. For those prices, at least give us the Samsung Galaxy III, you know, the new edition that is being released next week?

But wait kids, there is less. If you didn’t feel screwed enough, check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 deal

For Naf. 999,- and Naf. 79,- a month, you can get the Tab and the premium 4G service. But you guessed it. You’ll have to sign a two year deal and give Paulus a Naf. 150 deposit. Simple middle school math will show you that that Tab will cost you Naf. 3,000,- over the length of that contract.

Paulus: “But but, that 4G is 4 times faster than the 3G speeds that you are used to.”
Dave: “So, we’re basically going to max out at 4 Mbps?”
Paulus: * forever alone *

Forever Alone

I bought that same Tab in a store last month for Naf. 1,300,- in a store and enjoying my 15 Mbps Flow connection via Wi-fi when I’m at home. That same 15 Mbps connection is slightly more expensive than that 4G, and surely more stable.

I don’t know if UTS could have handled this 4G thing worse than it has. If you think I’m being overly harsh again, consider the following. A reliable source told me that UTS had a launch event scheduled at the Floris Suite Hotel a few weeks ago.

They were going to use iPads to demonstrate the 4G connection, only the iPads were getting their Internet via Wi-Fi. Floris is hooked up to Flow, which means that it was a Flow connection that was powering those iPads. Eventually the event tanked because the service wasn’t close to being ready. I mean, I couldn’t make this up, even if I tried.

I’m sorry Digicel. I take back all the jokes I made last year. At least you guys reached out to me and let me test your service.

See what I did there Paulus???

Anyways, UTS’ 4G is here, albeit for Postpaid only and priced up the wazoo. Can we even say that we are surprised anymore?

* sigh *

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4 Comments to UTS Launches 4G+, Disappoints Everyone….
    • Reem
    • Are they seriously calling it 4G+ cause you get some free apps?? That’s so lame. So it’s not a + cause the speeds are higher than 4G specifications, but they’re just trying to create the impression it’s better than 4G. Like saying ‘our tv has HDMI 1.4+ ports… the connections are goldplated…, hence the +’ or ‘our pc has USB 3.0+ ports… you get a free dust wiper included’. It’s just BS. What marketing fool made it up?

    • qj
    • On a scale from 1 to 10 of how pissed i’m at UTS right now is 11, I’m tired of supporting UTS stupid worthless launch.

    • David
    • You know, I think I’ve entered the acceptance mode with UTS. I used to get angry, then I was just disappointed… now I just shrug my shoulders and say “meh”. It’s really sad that it has come to this.

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