The UTS Starbridge ADSL Modem Login Credentials – Pretty Easy To Find

Update (July 2013)

The information listed in the post is outdated. New login information can be found in this post.

Ever wanted to log into your UTS ADSL modem but didn’t know the log in credentials? Well, a google search might have brought you this page, where a bunch of passwords are listed. Luckily, a reader put all of the relevant information into one document and sent it over to us…

-UTS/OneNet ADSL modem login accounts:

Login by entering one of the following IP-addresses in your browser’s address bar: or

Username: admin ,, Password: admin

Username: admin ,, Password: 01$uts$01

Username: admin ,, Password: 02$uts$02

Username: admin ,, Password: stu010199

Username: admin ,, Password: $administrator$

Username: admin ,, Password: 01$administrator$01

The one that worked for me was admin and “stu10199”.

Reader update

For the white and black Comtrend VDSL modem you can try…

Username: root
Password: 01$uts$01 or 12345

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10 Comments to The UTS Starbridge ADSL Modem Login Credentials – Pretty Easy To Find
    • Annonymous
    • This morning I came to realize that my router/modem ( White and Black Comtrend VDSL) box’s credentials have been changed. and none of the above work. I need these credentials as soon as possible.

    • David Dovale
    • Try username “support” and password “support” to log into the modem.

      If you are looking for the Wi-Fi password, try the MAC address (on the white sticker beneath the modem) minus the first two letters/numbers as the password. No username is needed there…

    • Annonymous
    • When logging in to the modem/router with the “support” username and password combination I have no access to the NAT menu. I need access to that menu.

    • David Dovale
    • You need to know what your PPPoE username and password are (the username is the name in front of your account).

      If you know your PPPoE username and password, you can hard reset the modem and reconfigure it. If not, you’ll need to pass by UTS…

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