Reviewing The Installation Process And The First Day With The 100 Mb Flow Connection

It’s been an interesting week to say the least. On Monday we passed by the Flow Curacao offices. On Tuesday they officially started to approach potential clients and on Wednesday I was going to get hooked up to the big 100 Mb package.

To say that I was intrigued as to how the installation process would go is a huge understatement. Like we mentioned before, Flow Curacao stresses the importance of customer service. As a UTS client, I have basically forgotten what customer service means. I know that as a customer I mean absolutely nothing – even though I’ve been a client for over 5 years and even though I give them over 700 guilders a month. But that’s ok, I have come to terms with that.

So when Flow told me that they would pass by Wednesday morning for the installation, it was a perfect chance to see how they work and to compare it to some of my experiences in the past….

Getting An Appointment
For starters, it was nice of them (Flow) to actually give a date for the installation. With UTS, I signed up for my ADSL and was told that a technician would show up in the coming three weeks. Keep in mind that I was juggling work and school at the time, so it was really great TO NOT KNOW when I had to be at home for the technician.

I left for work on Wednesday morning and told my wife to observe and write down everything with regard to the installation. She called me at around 9 o’ clock, saying that a very friendly Flow representative had called her and asked her if the technicians could pass by at 10.30 in the morning. We thought that this was absolutely amazing because besides giving us a date, we even got a specific time! Our needs as a customer actually meant something and we were given a time so that we can easily schedule our day around it!

Were The Technicians On Time?
The technicians did not show up at 10.30. No, they showed up 10.15. They were on time, they were polite and at 10.30, they were already installing the equipment. My wife called me at about 10.40. She seemed confused and wasn’t understanding what was going on. It seemed like these guys knew what they were doing and that they were enjoying it as well. They cleaned up after themselves and we’re actually explaining to her why they were putting the box where they did and why they were running the wires the way they did. She’s not used to getting customer service like that. It stumped her. This can’t be happening. Technicians who are on time. Representatives who are friendly and considerate. We’re not used to this. It actually shocks you at first.

* I’m used to waiting for about 3 weeks for a technician to pass by. They’ll then drop in unannounced and get irritated at me for not being at home when they show up without calling. You can only imagine how much worse the service becomes when the technician is miffed. Great times. And by ‘great’ I mean painful and horrible…

Was The Installation A Success?
She called me back at 11.45, saying that the guys were done. They hooked up the equipment, ran speed tests, explained what they did and cleaned up after themselves. She mailed me a screenshot of a speed test. 85.2 Mb. Good golly miss Molly. A 100 Mb connection was waiting for me at home. Flow said that it would be installed on Wednesday and by noon, the job was done. Not only was it done, but my wife was gushing about the service on the phone, something that never happens. EVER.

(click images for larger view)


The cables running from the roof, along the wall


Box against wall outside

So, How Is The Connection Performing?
Well, it has been excellent so far. It has been stable up ’till now, never flinching, not even under the heavy usage that I described in this post. I’m loving the fact that I can surf, stream and download torrents at the same time, without needing to reset the modem. With my UTS connection, I can’t do anything if I’m downloading a torrent. I’ll have to download at night or when I go out. Then when I get home, I’ll need to reset the modem if I want to continue working with a decent connection.

Seeing the connection in all its glory was also a thing of beauty. You can argue that everything is stable because not a lot of people are hooked up yet and that that’s the reason that I’m getting the full 100 Mb… but I’ll gladly counter. They promised a 100 and getting a 100, that’s all that matters. And as for the connection becoming unstable after the network becomes crowded…. we’ll have to wait and see. I was told that that won’t happen, so we’ll just have to wait and see. I believe that it will remain stable, but that will become clear a bit down the road.

To recap, it has been beyond sweet so far. Fast, stable and able to handle a heavy load. As for the upload, it’s 2 Mb up. That may sound a bit limiting, especially when compared to the 100 Mb down, but it’s good enough for me. The company says that 2 Mb is enough for most users and I guess that’s the case for me as well. I upload files to servers and attach files to email and that has been fine during the past day.


Passing the torch

Final Verdict
So far, so good. I know that I’ve only been using the connection one day and that we still have to see how everything works when the network has a heavy load on it, but up ’till now, I only have good things to report. As for the wife’s opinion, she couldn’t believe that she could surf and upload pics to Dropbox while 5 torrents were downloading simultaneously.

Oh, if it wasn’t clear up ’till now… you don’t need a phone line to get hooked up. Everything goes through the cable line.

Flow Speed test

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