MIMO UM-710 USB Monitor Review

Mimo Small Desktop

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I went to pick up my MIMO monitors on Saturday and two weeks after placing my order, I was finally ready to set them up. Again, I had ordered two and the idea was to use one at home (to make a dual screen set-up) and to use one at the office (to make a triple screen set-up).

Below you can read my review of the UM-710 model and also see more images of the set-up process.

Setting Up

Setting up the monitor is as easy as advertised. You literally just connect the usb cable to your pc or laptop and run the installation cd, which is basically agreeing to the terms and conditions and after some fast driver installations, you are done.

Mimo install

MIMO Installation Process

That’s it. The cd installation will take you about a minute and then your system will automatically detect the extra monitor.

MIMO Detect

You can then adjust your settings if you want to place the screen on the right of your main display, on the left side, or if you want to flip it vertical. As you can see on the images below, I kept it to the right of my main display and also kept it horizontal.

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Mimo Desk

Mimo Desk Front

The Good

– Easy Installation. The installation was really as simple as I though it would be. Just plug in the usb cable, run the cd and that’s it. Nothing more needed.

– Fast and easy solution for an extra monitor. If you need an extra monitor but don’t want to go through the hassle and don’t want to spend a lot, this is really the best solution at the moment.

– Lightweight. The monitor is really light and won’t take up much space.

Mimo Hand

Mimo Hand 2

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The Bad

– I can’t really consider this “bad” because I knew it was a 7-inch monitor when I bought it, but the screen size takes getting used to. It’s small, so don’t use it for things that you’d need a big display for. It’s perfect for small widgets and things that you want to keep an eye on (e-mail, twitter) but don’t want taking up space on your main display.


In the end, I got what I expected. The monitor looks sleek, it’s very light and was easy to set up. It’s not big and I won’t use it to do things like Photoshop or gaming, but it’s perfect for my Thunderbird e-mail, or to have an alternative browser opened up for testing purposes. For the price you pay, it’s really worth it if you have a use for it.


According to the MIMO website, this model has been replaced by the iMO model, which you can pre-order now. The price is the same by the looks of it.

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