Let’s Make Fun Of The Elections

If you search for PAR on Facebook, you’ll find a page with 834 “likes”. You’d expect one of Curacao’s biggest political parties to have more fans on FB, but the real tragedy here is that the last post is dated October 17th, 2011. You’re not going to win any future elections if you keep that up, guys.

The fact that page gets ignored is actually understandable when you see that the PAR website promotes this Facebook page as its official page. The latter gets updated frequently, but sadly, we’re looking at a “friend” page, which may be an even bigger fail. When you are a company, brand, organization, business, etc, etc, YOU CANNOT HAVE A FRIEND PAGE. NOT IN THE YEAR 2012.

Edit: It looks like this is the official PAR page, with 72 “likes” and growing.  They appear to be headed in the right direction with that page, but the fact that they waited ’till September 4th to create it is a bit of head scratcher.

Yes boys and girls, the elections are right around the corner and there will be plenty fails to follow. I’ll be keeping a close eye on all the parties involved and posting every sigh inducing mishap over here.

I invite you to join me in this cause and to keep those who are trying to win the privilege of being in charge, accountable. We’re not judging the politics itself, or what these parties stand for…but we’re judging them on the way they present themselves and share this information with us.

If you spot any election fails, please mail them to david@curacaoconnected.com, or tweet them to @curconnected with hashtag #curacaoelectionfail.

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