Test Your Internet Connection With Speed Tests

Are you getting the advertised upload and download speeds from your provider that you are paying for? On this page you will find links to a number of speed test tools, which allow you to measure your transfer rates and latency.


Speedtest.net is the most popular and most used connection testing tool on the Internet. Test your speed on servers all over the world, share your results and compare your provider with others. You can even do a speed test on your mobile device.

» Test your speed on Speedtest.net

Flow Speed Test

» Test your speed on the Flow Curacao server

TRES Speed Test

» Test your speed on the TRES server

UTS Speed Test

Besides a speed test, the UTS page also has a FAQ section, with relevant speed test and speed test result information.

» Test your speed on the UTS server

Internet Service Prodivers on Curacao

If you are not satisfied with your current provider, make sure to check out our Internet provider page, which contains package and pricing information, user reviews, service area maps and sign up links.

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