Internet Tv Service That Offers Dutch, Belgian and German Channels



SatTv Margarita, a company that has been active for 15 years now on the island of Margarita offers an Internet Tv Service with packages that include Dutch, Belgian and German television channels. And now that we have become their selling partner here on Curacao, we can hook you up with this service as well.

How It Works

If you are living here in Curacao and want to watch the full range of Dutch or German tv channels, you are basically out of luck. But that’s where SatTv comes in. You pay an initial set-up fee of 595,- Euro which covers the installation of a satellite receiver (which runs on Linux) and a box in Europe. There’s also a monthly fee for the subscription and connection costs. The Dutch/Belgian package has a monthly fee of 50,- Euro while the German package has a monthly fee of 45,- Euro.

On your pc or laptop you will get a video player called the Slingplayer which will be configured for you so that you can view the channels. You can take one or both packages and just like that you can watch all these European channels right on your pc, using nothing more than your Internet connection and the Slingplayer.



We have been testing this service for a few days now and have been really impressed with the quality of the video. We were having internet problems on the day that we took these screenshots and even when only getting a 130/140k stream, the video and sound were decent. These days we are getting the normal 800 to 900k streams and video quality is excellent.

The player automatically optimizes your image everytime you change a channel and as you can see you can also adjsut volume, select the channels from a favorites bar op manually enter the channel numbers from the player’s remote.

Sling Remote

Watching The Channels On Your TV

We are used to watching tv channels on our pc, but we know people out there who aren’t comfortable watching tv streams from behind their computer and would rather watch the channels on their tv set. If this is the case with you, don’t worry because you can also watch these channels on your tv.

You can always use an S-Video Cable to connect your pc to your tv (granted that they both support this), or you can also use the “SlingCatcher“. With the SlingCatcher you select an area of your pc’s screen and this gets shown on your tv. So, you just select the area which shows your Slingplayer on the computer screen and the SlignCatcher shows it on your television. The SlingCatcher does not come with the package but we could order it for you and help you set it up if you wish to purchase it.


The key requirement is a fast Internet connection, preferably 1MB or higher. The video quality was great when using a 2MB ADSL connection. The 3G connections (both UTS and MIO) did not offer good quality due to the speed fluctuations so keep this in mind if you are thinking of taking this service. Your connection needs to be stable and it needs to be at least 1MB to get the best possible streams.

There player works with Windows and there’s also a version for the Mac. If you are interested in this service or want to know more, do not hesitate to e-mail me or leave your question in the comments section.

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