How To Protect Your Data On Your Android Device

Your smart phone will get damaged, lost or stolen; its inevitable.  Your data is invaluable and you could back it up in the cloud, but the reality is that even if you are able to recover it from the cloud, how can you be sure that the data on the physical smart-phone has not been compromised, especially if it’s your most personal data?

Well, one way is to encrypt your whole phone. This basically means that if anyone gets a hold of your phone, they will not be able to access your information without your secret password or PIN.  They will end up erasing everything to be able to use the phone.  With this method you can be sure that your data will not be compromised.

Here are the detailed instructions on doing this:

Warning: Encryption is irreversible. The only way to revert to an unencrypted phone is to perform a factory data reset, which erases all your data.

Android SecurityKeep in mind that you will be the only one to access this data once encrypted and it is worth the peace of mind.

The stronger you make your pin or password, the more difficult it would be to guess, so make sure you use a strong password that is easy to remember and difficult to compromise. (Stay posted I will discuss this on future articles.)

It might seem that encrypting your phone might be a bit too much, but keep in mind that smart-phones carry some of our most prized personal data, including credit cards numbers and financial records.

A strong password and reliable encryption is the best combination and it will ensure your smart-phone’s valuable data is secure against unwanted use or intrusion.

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