Hey, Now You Can Listen To Me Make A Fool Of Myself

Paradise FM was kind enough to ask me to do a weekly radio segment with them. Every Wednesday, I’ll get to make a fool out of myself talk about tech, gadgets, social media or whatever interesting Internet related thing may be going on.

The first segment was supposed to air last week, but a scheduling issue has forced us to move it up a few weeks. This means that I have a bit more time to expand my topic list.

This is what I have so far….

– Paulus: Working hard, or hardly working?
– 27 reasons to toss a midget
– Do bad things really happen when fat kids dance?
– Why I think I have Stigmata.
– The human torch: Why was he denied a bank loan?
– Who is running that TeleCuracao Fm Facebook page?
– The dangers of spooning with porcupines.
– An entire segment dedicated to my crippling fear of ducks.
– An entire segment dedicated to my crippling fear of Paulus.
Sehos.an and the pursuit of web design perfection.

Yeah, my childishness may be worse than my hair…

Got any suggestions for my weekly segment? Feel free to share them in the comments or to send them via email.

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