Tell Flow What You Are Willing To Pay For Their Service

It looks like Google has removed us from the blacklist, but I’m not going to get too excited seeing that we’ll probably get hacked again sometime next week. But not to worry, I’ll just keep picking fights with Aqualectra in the meantime, seeing as they really don’t have a clue how to treat paying customers.

But ok, let’s tackle the issue at hand. Starting next month, Flow Curacao will be able to deliver higher speeds than the 100 Mb max that they are currently offering residential customers. But they’re not going to start throwing bandwidth around just because they can; they actually want you, the customer, to tell them how much bandwidth you need and more importantly, how much you are willing to pay.

Wait. I don’t get it…
It’s pretty simple. Flow is trying to get as much feedback as possible about their service. They want to know  which packages you think they should offer and what the prices should be for these packages.

Do you think their current speeds are good? Do you think they should go higher? Do they need to offer less packages? What about the upload speeds? And let’s say you want a 30 Mb connection… what are you willing to pay Flow for that package?

If you want to see what they currently offer, you can check out the package information on our Flow broadband page.

Ok. I see. But what are they going to do with this information? 
Well, this information might lead to new packages and hopefully even to lower prices. It depends on the feedback that is given.

And where can I leave said feedback?
Well, you can leave comments on this post, on this Facebook post or this one. Whatever floats your boat….

I don’t care about pricing and speeds, I just want to get hooked up!! When is my neighbourhood getting some cabling done???
Patience young grasshopper. Most of the island (expect for parts of Banda Bou) should be completed sometime during 2013. The plan is to have the entire island done by the first quarter of 2014.

I’m pretty sure my neighbourhood is hooked up. Where can I sign up?
You see that shiny button right below here? Just click that bad boy and follow the instructions that are written on the next page.

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