Flow Wi-Fi Modem FAQs And Configuration Info

Flow has been busy activating areas in Otrobanda and they capped it off yesterday by organising a special sign up Roadshow in Colon Shopping Center. Besides free installation and a free Wi-Fi modem, new customers got offered a Double Play special. If you signed up for a Double Play package yesterday, you will be getting free movies throughout the month of December.

If you do not have the new Wi-Fi modem yet, you can pass by the Flow offices and upgrade for Naf. 50,-. Flow also sent me some documentation, for those who want to read more about the new modems. The Wi-Fi management document will also show you how to log in and change your modem/router settings. Odds are that you already know how to log in to the modem and change the configuration, but if not, download the documents linked below for step by step instructions.

* click links to download

Arris DG950A & TG852 Wifi Management Manual (.docx)
Wi-Fi config (.doc)
Flow Wi-Fi Modem FAQ’s (.docx)
Arris TG852G Product Specs (.pdf)

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