eZone Curacao Continues To Do eZone Curacao Things

I’m not a fan of eZone Curacao. I may be a customer, but I’m never looking forward to the process of having to pick up a package there. Scratch that. I can’t imagine that ANYONE is ever looking forward to going to eZone, for whatever reason it may be….

eZone: “Your package has arrived Dave. Please drop by and pick it up tomorrow.”

Dave: “You mean I get to sit and wait for a few hours while I watch your employees awkwardly and inefficiently stumble through this painstakingly frustrating process? And they might even be rude to me if I catch them on a bad day?”

eZone: “Yes, that pretty much sums it up…”

Dave: “Sweet. MOAR EZONE PLEEZZZ.” *

* I have never said that

Reader Christopher shares these same frustrations and he’s been venting for a while now. The eZone service has never been that great to begin with, but Christopher has noted a steady decline since September of last year. He has stood in line with 100+ people in front of him, he has wasted hours while waiting for a package and now he has had enough.

Here’s what he posted today on the eZone Facebook page

Well, I have finally had it with Ezone Curacao! After spending my last few visits there waiting approximately 3 hours to pick up my packages I get a letter asking for apology and a promise that they will improve…. Just so today I get to find out that one of their measures to improve waiting times is to make me wait LONGER for my package!

I am waiting for a package that has been in transit since January 11th! And today when I FINALLY got an email to pick up the package I see that it’s telling me to pick it up on the 24th!!

So now I have to wait 2 entire weeks for a package that is sent by AIRPLANE! That is crazy! I’ll get it faster if I sent it in a container by sea!

Oh and to make the story even funnier…last time I posted a complaint on facebook I get a call from Nieuwe Post asking me to please delete the comment and next time send any complaints by email because they have helped me get packages quickly in the past.

Dont worry, I won’t be bothering you much longer because I will be sending my package elsewhere. I am fed up with this terrible service which is getting worse and worse EVERY SINGLE TIME. And I am really not exaggerating! Ever since about September-October 2012 I have noticed the packages taking longer and longer and at the same times the lines becoming longer and longer. Well I’ve had enough after being a client for I don’t know…. about 8 years maybe?

After I’m done using my EZ rewards vouchers that I’ve accumulated over the years, I’m gone!

Let’s see how long it takes for me to get a phone call this time….

Please read that highlighted sentence again. They asked him to remove a complaint from their Facebook page, because they have given him good service in the past.

Hey Nieuwe Post, FUCK YOU. That’s not how it works. You should give good service every single fucking time and when you mess up, you should man up and accept responsibility. That’s one of the reasons why you have a Facebook page. To listen to your customers. To get constructive criticism. TO IMPROVE YOUR WRETCHED SERVICE.

oh oh! I forgot to mention the AWESOME compensation I’m getting for wasting my time waiting in line in December! A 20% discount from my last package picked up in December. HOW CONVENIENT that it’s a 1lb package! So I’m entitled to what… like $2-$3 off??? Gimme a break!

Well, these are the same people who thought that you can copy/paste a shopping cart url link and still see its contents on a different (not-logged-in-on-that-same-account) computer. A service that according to their newsletter type email and Facebook page was available, but that turned out not to be available at the time of publication after all.

* sigh *

Excuse me while I go light myself on fire now

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