Does Anyone Know The UTS Comtrend Modem Passwords? (Updated)

About three years ago, I posted an article containing UTS modem passwords for the Starbridge ADSL modems. UTS later upgraded to VDSL and we were luckily able to get the Comtrend login credentials as well. The password post has remained one of the most popular and most searched articles on the site, but the username/password combination does not work anymore.

No sir, Paulus is not stupid. Call him whatever yo want, but the man is pretty slick. If you want to login to the modem, you’ll have to go to the UTS office and ask them if they can help you with whatever it is that you want to do, which sucks more than my handwriting.

Moar passwords pleez

So, if anyone knows the new Comtrend username and password, please feel free to share it with us. You can leave it in the comment section or mail it to me at Let’s try to help the tortured souls who still have to deal with UTS and who aren’t even given the courtesy of being to log into their own modem.

In the meantime, here’s a GIF of a cat sending a fax. He’s probably telling Paulus to fuck off and that he’s switching to Flow…


Reader Bryan has a useful tip:

If you have an onenet e-mail account, you can reset the modem and set it up yourself. The DSL username is almost the same as your e-mail address, but it ends with The password is the same as your e-mail. It is advisable to try it with another modem first.

Update II

Reader Marcel confirms what we posted earlier:

You don’t need the password. Just reset the damn thing use the default login, and fill your account into your router. I’ve been working like that for years now without having any issues!

Update III

Reader Willem gave the UTS help desk a call and got the following information:

If you want to use the modem as a router and connect via Wi-Fi, you’ll need the MAC address that is listed on the white sticker below the modem. The Wi-Fi password is the MAC address minus the first two letters/numbers. No username is needed.

Update IV

Reader Remy was able to log in using the following credentials:

I was able to log in using username “support” and password “support”.

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32 Comments to Does Anyone Know The UTS Comtrend Modem Passwords? (Updated)
    • rwm
    • I got the starbridge 1702 and i need to change my build-in wifi password. Does someone know the username & password to login the modem?

    • satish
    • I got the starbridge 1702 and i need to change my build-in wifi password. Does someone know the username & password to login the modem?

    • Ecka
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    • Bryan
    • I have a Comtrend Al-5750u. Does anyone know the user name and password for this router? I can’t find anything online or any information on the router anywhere. Thanks.

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