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CTEX, the state of the art data and cloud computing center, launched a new  HyperCloud Service this week. The folks at CTEX were kind enough to send me a number of brochures with tons of details regarding these new services and because there contain so much information, I didn’t feel right to trim it down.

That’s why I decided to put all of this information into one big post – the definitive guide to CTEX and their services.


The information in this post is published from CTEX brochures, with the company’s permission. That’s why CTEX at times will be referred to as “our” or we”.

CTEX Company Information

CTEX designs, builds and operates TIER-IV, international data center and internet exchange points from which colocation, interconnection, cloud and managed services are delivered to enterprise and government customers.

CTEX is a privately held company and is funded by both private and institutional investors such as financial firms, pension funds and others. The company leverages the deep experience of its management team who has held various executive level positions in companies such as Telefonica, Terremark, KPMG, Global Crossing, Vodafone and others.

The company runs and operates full-service Tier-IV data center and internet exchange points through which large amounts of network interconnect and exchange traffic will flow. The company’s facilities also serve as a service aggregation/distribution hub for network traffic and network-based services.  A carrier neutral nucleus serves as the foundation upon which governments, service providers and enterprise customers can deploy their mission critical infrastructure and systems.

Aside from running and operating world-class Tier-IV datacenters, CTEX’s facilities have been purposely designed to support the latest high-density ‘Cloud’ computing infrastructures, thus enabling companies to pool computing, storage, networking and power needs on an ‘on-demand’ basis. Customers can build private virtualized environments leveraging VMware and other technologies to maximize their investments while fully controlling spend.

CTEX Data and Cloud Services

On Monday, October 15th, Curacao technology Exchange (CTEX) is launching the most advanced Cloud Computing service in the region. This CTEX Solution is based on the CTEX HyperCloud, a unified cloud computing platform, which is a dynamically scalable and virtualized computing resource offered as a service over the Internet.

Using our cloud technology, customers can simplify the process of configuring, ordering, installing and maintaining expensive computing resources. Additional features include centralized storage, memory and on-demand bandwidth allocation in a highly secured environment. Customers are provided with the peace of mind that their systems and data are running in a 24/7/365 highly secured data center providing full redundancy and availability.

CTEX HyperCloud Technology – a state of the art unified, multi-processor, back-end consisting of physical high-performance servers and storage is partitioned into multiple private virtual CPUs (VCPU). Private VCPUs operate without interfering with one another so that several operating systems and applications can run safely at the same time on a single physical server. Customers benefit from fault tolerance and high availability features. Customers benefit from continuous monitoring to ensure optimal performance and security.

Best-in-class technology – CTEX is leading the cloud technology wave by leveraging a unified platform. Through a partnership between CTEX, CISCO, VMWARE and EMC, customers are guaranteed the most advanced computing resources. Our cloud platforms are pre–configured with world–class compute, network, storage, management, and virtualization technology.

Through a partnership with VCE, the Virtual Computing Environment Company formed by Cisco and EMC with investments from VMware and Intel, we are able to provide a state of the art solution. VCE, through the Vblock platform, delivers the industry’s first completely integrated IT offering with end-to-end vendor accountability.

Vblock Data Protection simplifies compliance, reduces network traffic, and ensures the highest levels of application and data availability. Vblock platform is an agile and efficient data center-class system that features modular, scalable performance. It has a high-density, compact fabric switch; integrated fabric-based blade servers; and best-in-class unified storage. Simplified provisioning allows IT professionals to marshal resources quickly and efficiently.

Power to scale
CTEX HyperCloud servers are based on a unified technology infrastructure. We deliver an enterprise-class IT infrastructure built upon industry leading technology by Cisco, EMC, and VMware. CTEX HyperCloud servers leverage Vblock technology which is pre-engineered, tested, and validated units.Each platform leverages CISCO advanced UCS blade technology, VMWARE ESX servers and Nexus core switching.

The Cisco UCS data center platform unites compute, network, and storage access. Optimized for virtualization, the Cisco UCS integrates a low-latency; lossless 10 GB Ethernet unified network fabric with enterprise-class servers.

Type Ram Storage Address Inbound Transfer Outbound Transfer OS
High-Performance 8 GB 200 GB 1 Free 1 TB Windows Server 2008
or CentOS-5-64
Advanced Enterprise 4 GB 150 GB 1 Free 500 GB Windows Server 2008
or CentOS-5-64
Basic Enterprise 2 GB 100 GB 1 Free 500 GB Windows Server 2008
or CentOS-5-64

Once you deploy a virtual server, you’ll work the same way you work on any physically-hosted server. The difference is scalability. Cloud computing allows you to move up and acquire more power when you need it.

Computing power can be scaled up vertically by increasing CPU and RAM or horizontally by adding VM instances using the load balancing to distribute load.Every CTEX_HyperCloudsm virtual machine (VM) instance comes bundled with storage. You can add additional storage volumes as required.

Data Protection – Snapshots
It is recommended that you continually safeguard your important data on the CTEX HyperCloud. One way this can be done is via the CTEX HyperCloud “snapshots” feature which allows you to duplicate your virtual machines. Tools are included to schedule snapshots on a regular basis. For further redundancy, set up additional storage on our multiple availability zones.

Companies are moving to next-generation backup and recovery as a result of explosive data growth, regulatory compliance, increased service-level agreements, and shrinking backup windows. Additionally, accelerated server virtualization and the need to better protect data across the enterprise including remote offices creates greater further emphasizes the need for the right backup and recovery solution.Together with our partners we offer clients an advanced de-duplication backup software and system which provides fast, daily full backups for virtualized environments, NAS systems, desktops/laptops, remote offices and business critical systems.

Using advanced de-duplication technology we eliminate redundant sub-file data segments at the source before backup data is transferred across the network and stored at our data center. As a result, network bandwidth required for backup can be reduced up to 99 percent across existing IP WAN/LAN links and virtual infrastructures. Data is also de-duplicated globally across sites and servers reducing the required total backup for an enterprise by up to 95 percent.

Bandwith Optimzed
De-duplication backup sends only changed blocks, reducing network traffic. Leverage existing LAN and WAN bandwidth for enterprise-wide and remote/branch office backup and recovery.

One-step Recovery
Every backup is a full backup, which makes it easy for you to browse, point, and click for a single-step recovery.

High Reliability
CTEX HyperCloud data store features redundant power and networking, RAID, and patented RAIN technology to provide uninterrupted data accessibility. Daily data systems checks ensure recoverability whenever needed.

Flexible Employment
CTEX HyperCloud data stores can scale up to 124 TB of de-duplicated capacity, and can be deployed in an integrated solution with leveraging EMC data domain systems for high-speed backup and recovery of specific data types.

Customer Solution & Configuration

In order to meet your immediate requirements, we will leverage an alternate datacenter in Curacao which also serves as the landing station location for all major subsea fiber interconnections. At this location, we’ve implanted the entire proposed VBLOCK environment. The proposed solution will be seamlessly migrated to our Tier-IV datacenter in the 3rd quarter of 2013 without the need for CUSTOMER intervention.

Our solution leverages our Vblock infrastructure using CISCO UCS blade server together with EMC RAID/RAIN technology. The Vblock is a complete Virtual Infrastructure package built on EMC Clariion CX4 series or the EMC Symmetrix V-Max for the storage layer, connected over Cisco Nexus 1000V and Cisco Multilayer Directional Switches (MDS) to a Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS) blade center running VMware vSphere 5 . By using a fixed combination of components VCE (a consortium of VMware, Cisco and EMC) is able to guarantee performance, capacity and availability SLA for a known number of virtual machines.

Value To Customers

Together with international partners such as Schneider Electric, CISCO Systems, EMC, VMWARE, VCE and others, customers located in the Caribbean and Latin America now have access to a world-class facility. Rather than having to house their critical data and systems in far flung data centers in the US or Europe, customers are assured that their data is maintained in region.

The benefits of CTEX

  • CTEX facility employs the latest technology. Customers are provided with a 100% uptime and availability as compared to other providers
  • Our private cloud solutions, in particular our Cloud Email solutions, provide customers with a private platform – ‘your data, your infrastructure, your servers’
  • Use of a state-of-the-art unified infrastructure means you are guaranteed fewer interruptions
    We are passionate about security, hence customers benefit from advanced security management and monitoring policies and procedures
  • Configuration flexibility & control – because our customers have full control of their private environment, they are able to exercise far better control of their data and configuration.

The benefits of being Curacao

  • Curaçao is part of the Dutch Kingdom which means an immense level of stability and security. Having the highest court in Holland as the court of last recourse brings peace of mind for international companies who conduct business in the Caribbean and Latin America
  • The island also lies outside the traditional hurricane belt and major seismic zones
  • The island today has connections via 5 major submarine cables with two more planned to arrive onto the island by the second quarter of 2013, thus providing immense global connectivity
  • Curacao offers excellent fiscal benefits for international companies who conduct business on the island including 0% import duties on equipment, a 2% tax regime for companies who seek to domicile themselves on the island and excellent expatriate benefits
  • CTEX will leverage a sea water air-conditioning (SWAC) system to provide low cost cooling for its facilities
  • Curacao has a multi-lingual workforce. Most speak at least four languages

The company’s data center facilities consists of a window-less 8” thick solid concrete exterior panels, and are designed to withstand a Category 5 hurricane with 12 million pounds of roof ballast. The building is a two story building: The conference room, Whitespace, UPS rooms etc. will be on the first floor.

The main technical facilities power distribution rooms, UPS rooms, transformer rooms, Emergency generator plants and standard plants for electricity and cooling are located in an auxiliary building adjacent to the main building.

The second floor houses the Emergency Offices and the Document Management & Storage Facilities. The Center has been designed to comply with TIA-942 Tier 4 specifications and with the requirements for SAS-70 and PCI-DSS certification. All systems are concurrently maintainable.

Contact CTEX

If you want more information about CTEX and their cloud services, you can check out their website for contact information.

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