Curacao To Go – Curacao’s Official iPhone And iPad App

Back in October, the ‘Curacao To Go‘ app was released in the App Store. Curacao To Go is free iPhone/iPad app and is developed by Worldwide Travel Applications N.V. The application is Curacao’s official app and just like our official website, it mainly targets tourists.

We spoke to Robbert van Steenwijk of Worldwide Travel Applications, who gave us some more info on the app…

The goal is to provide tourists with all of the important information they need for free. Everything in our app for free, including positioning on the Curacao Map. We added all of the businesses and their information (including location), to provide tourists with as much information as possible.

Our app currently shows more than 600 listings with full contact data. Tourists (and locals) can get real-time information on specials, events, parties and of course the location and contact information of hundreds of businesses.

The information is divided into 19 categories:

1. Emergency Information
2. Food
3. Activities
4. Shopping
5. Sightseeing
6. Diving
7. Where to Stay
8. Drinks
9. Car Rental
10. Beaches
11. Weather
12. Supermarket
13. Party Guide & Happy Hours
14. Curacao Map
15. Gas Stations
16. Real-Estate
17. Wellness
18. Events Calendar
19. Important Contacts

The user can:

– Download the app for free
– Add and edit items on their ‘Things to Do List’
– Rate Curacao
– Rate the listings and read other people’s ratings
– View all the listings in one category in one map/screen, or view the position of one single listing to navigate to

Businesses can:

– Be added for free (if they are not listed already), including contact information, website address, etc.
– Send their events or parties to be added in the calendars for free
– Send short messages (Feeds) to all users about events or specials
– Position themselves at the top within their respective category
– Place pictures with their listing information
– Add specials or coupons to their listing information
– Advertise in the main category

Finding the app
Some links, including the App Store download links..

Curacao To Go iPad download
Curacao To Go iPhone download
Curacao’s official website
Curacao To Go’s page on
The developer’s website

Reach gets between 360.000 and 400.000 visitors a year; an average of 34.000 per month. Based on these numbers and data from other travel applications, the developers expect about 3500-5000 downloads per month. Being the official Curacao app, Curacao To Go also gets promoted by our local tourist board and the CHATA. They distribute and promote the application through all of their channels, which includes an e-mail blast to 60.000 travel agents and tour operators.


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* click image for gallery

Aruba, Bonaire and Sint Maarten
According to Van Steenwijk, the company will launch apps for Aruba and Bonaire before the end of the year. The Sint Maarten app should be live before the end of January 2012.

‘Aruba To Go’ Sneak Peek

Aruba To Go Sneak Peek

EDIT: The Android app (LG, HTC, Motorola, Samsung and Google phones) will be available within a few weeks. A mobile site for for all phone brands that use different platforms is also in the works.

EDIT II: The Android app has been released and is available in the Android Market.

Download the Curacao To Go Android app

EDIT III:  Aruba To Go has been released and is available for the iPhone and iPad.

Download the Aruba To Go iPhone app

Download the Aruba To Go iPad app

EDI IV: The mobile site has been launched and can be used by users who don’t have an iOS or Android device.

Visit the Curacao To Go mobile website (

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