• UTS 3G Usb Modem Review

    Back in May, UTS unveiled it’s new “3G” Usb Modem at EFEX 2008, and it sounded very promising. It was a Usb modem that would work on the 3G/HSDPA technologies, meaning that you would...
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  • MLB.TV Review

    Curacao has a big baseball following. Teams like the Yankees, Dodgers (Andruw Jones), Red Sox and of course the Braves (Jair Jurrjens) have big fan bases on the island and if you are one of these big...
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  • iPhone First Generation Review

    I’m going to be honest. I was not interested in the iPhone when it was released in the summer of ’07. I didn’t need a cell phone at the time and it just was not on my radar during t...
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