Looking For Talented Writers

Curacao Connected is all about the community and that means that we’re always looking for talented writers who want to be heard – or should I say read – and who want to make a difference.

During the past couple of days we’ve expanded our team with 4 new writers who will be blogging about a variety of tech (and Curacao) related subjects.

If you’re interested in joining our writing team, you probably have some questions that need to be answered first. That’s why I’ve created a tiny FAQ section, which I hope covers most of the basic questions and inquiries.

Is this a paying gig?
Not yet.

Ok, I’m not getting paid. What’s in it for me then?
Posts will be published under your own name and will be read by many people, including the suits and higher ups at many companies. Here’s your chance to tell Digicel what you think about their mobile service and to beg UTS to stop sending you promotional text messages….

What exactly are you looking for content wise?
Reviews, personal experiences, rants, news, rumors, tutorials, tips, humorous articles, etc etc. Basically, whatever you wish to share with the world.

Should it be in English?
Preferably, but you may also submit your articles in Dutch or Papiamentu.

Do I have to write a minimum number of articles per week or per month?
Nope, there is no quota. You decide how much you write.

I have a lot I wish to share, but my writing could use some work…
No worries. That’s why we have editors.

So, whatever I submit will get posted?
Well, keep in mind that we retain the right to decide if something gets posted or not. We may edit some information or decide that something cannot get posted for whatever reason. But worry not, we’ll always discuss changes or editorial decisions with you first.

This sounds pretty cool. Where do I sign up?
Just send an email to david@curacaoconnected.com and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Can you please post a picture of Lobster Dog?
I thought you’d never ask…

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