Ask The Readers: 4G Related Stuff….

Remy, one of our new writers, wishes to collect some data and he’s hoping that you guys can help him out a little. He has asked me to do an “Ask The Readers” post, containing the following questions:

– Which (mobile) provider do you have?

– Do you have a pre-paid or post-paid package?

– Do you use the 4G service from your UTS or Digicel?

– If so, which 4G enabled device (Android device, iPhone, etc) do you own?

– Which monthly quota plan do you have, and how much do you use?

Remy currently has an iPad 2, with a 4G+ premium (post-paid) package from UTS. He has the 5 GB/month package, but is only using about 0,75 GB per month on average.

So, how’s about you? Let us know in the comment sections below, or in this forum thread.

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7 Comments to Ask The Readers: 4G Related Stuff….
    • Bravo
    • I have digicel. Gold (4000 mb) postpaid. I use with my iphone 4s about 3000 mb. master i can do every thing with my phone. I like digi

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