Aqualectra Sucks At Providing Power, Trolls Like A Bawz

Many companies use Facebook to connect with fans (or clients), get feedback or reply to complaints. In Aqualectra’s case, Facebook is used to piss off people who are already getting screwed over on a daily basis.

For the past couple of weeks, our power situation has been as stable as Stephen Hawking’s legs (whoof, I actually went there), and Aqualectra just keeps trolling like a boss.

If you’re not yet familiar with Aqualectra’s workflow, I’ve broken it down in a few simple steps below….

1) Cut power multiple times a day and screw over many paying citizens and businesses.

2) Blame the (lack of) wind.

3) Post ridiculous updates on Facebook.

4) Make sure to only post it in Papiamentu, so as few people as possible can read it.

5) Reassure everyone that “hard work is being done”.

6) Contradict that reassurance by posting a picture which shows a couple of guys doing absolutely nothing.


* See that simplistic text I added in MS Paint? If you don’t give any effort, why should I?

7) Ignore customer questions and comments.

8) Send out bills like a well oiled machine.

9) Cut off customers at the very first chance.

10) Repeat

11) ???

12) Strut

Aqualectra haters

But yeah, let’s go back to that magnificent Facebook page. Here are some of my favorite posts and comments…

Por spera ku ta kita koriente awe nochi tambe, debí ku ta hasiendo hopi kalor,e demanda ta haltu i no tin sufisiente kapasidat ainda

Here we see Aqualectra blaming the heat AND YOU. See, because it’s hot, you put on your airconditioning too much, which causes this entire clusterfuck. SHAME ON YOU. HOW DARE YOU EXPECT YOUR POWER COMPANY TO OPERATE AND DELIVER UNDER REGULAR CIRCUMSTANCES?

Ta bolbe hasi un apelashon na komunidat pa tanten ta den e situashon di skarsedat di kapasidat pa usa ménos koriente posibel i tambe si por, saka aparatonan for di koriente ora koriente bai.

Did you see what you charged me last month? For those rates, I should be allowed to come to your house, drink your beer and kick your mother in the shins.

Áreanan ku a pèrdè koriente awe mainta ta:
Área di Punda, Scharloo, Groot Kwartier,Rooi Catootje, Mahaai, Cas Cora, Jongbloed, área Buena Vista ,Zegu i besindario i Seru Mahuma. Tera Kòrá te Wespunt, Kas Grandi, Spaanse Water, Jansofat, Brakkeput Ariba, Janthiel, Rooi Santu, Weto, Kwartje, Janboos, Oude Water, Montaña, Seru Machu te Fuik , Emmastad, Rio Canario, parti Buena Vista.
Seru Fortuna, Muizenberg, Suffisant, Dein, Kanga,area Semikok, area Sta. Rosa te ku Sta Catharina.Koraal Partier, Langleven, Cocorie, Betesda, Julianadorp, Groot Piscadera,area Juan Domingu, De Savaan, UNA .

Here, let me show you how you should have typed that sentence…

Áreanan ku a pèrdè koriente awe mainta ta: THE WHOLE FUCKING ISLAND.

You know, I actually feel bad for the poor schmuck who has to update this page. I mean, those 299 “Likes” are not fans. Those are 299 tortured souls who just want to know in advanced when they are going to get royally fucked.

And I understand that there isn’t much you can do to fix it, from a social media/PR point of view. I mean, you are an Aqualectra employee, but you’re probably just as fed up as we are, because you’re sitting at home at night without power as well.

But Christ on a teeter totter, is it so hard to just reply on people’s comments and to acknowledge their frustrations? I mean, why have a Facebook page if you are never going to reply and engage?

Oh wait, here’s a reply…..

Aqualectra sucks

* Double Face Palm *

I want to fight you know. I actually want to throw fisticuffs…


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29 Comments to Aqualectra Sucks At Providing Power, Trolls Like A Bawz
    • Theo
    • Dit is dé kans voor Aqualectra om Facebook positief in te zetten en alle klagers te woord te staan. Een simpele update over de stand van zaken in het Engels of Nederlands zou al veel positieve reacties te weeg brengen. Helaas lijkt het geen prioriteit te hebben, net als alle andere communicatie. Jammer, ze mogen me bellen voor de uitdaging 🙂

    • Mike
    • Absolutely agree and very much fed up with that Circus called Aqualectra…

      We pay huge amounts of $$$ in a company that cannot deliver, while they are proudly announcing to have built new wind-parks etc etc… It seems that nothing is really changing.

      But actually all this trouble isn’t pissing me of that much anymore, its just motivating me more to plant the roof full of solar panels, so that Aqualectra can f*ck off. Why should I pay these people any longer? One years worth of electricity bills will pay off my solar investment…

    • BLaZeNHoTT
    • Look people…I’m an Aqualectra employee and dont enjoy the situation just as much as the next person. But please…dont generalize us all cause there are plenty of people like me who work their azzez off from morning till evening to provide customers with a service they can be contend with. @Mike the whole wind-park thing wasnt aqualectra’s idea in case it might have slipped your mind. We had a decent system going on together with plans for future developments till someone came and decided to switch it all up.

      • David Dovale
      • We shouldn’t generalize, that is true. And I didn’t mean that every worker is slacking, because that’s definitely not the case. The venom was aimed more at management, PR and whoever is running that FB page.

    • Aqualectra Utility
    • The management of Aqualectra is very disapointed to see these comments on this blog.To bad our own clients are so negative on the company who always is trying to enhance it’s service and communication to the clients by using also facebook page. It’s also very sad to make comments without being correctly informed about the company. Thank you for letting us inform you that these comments always make us stronger to serve you better….

      “The world is full of willing people some willing to work . The rest willing te let them!”

      • David Dovale
      • Dear Aqualectra…

        Thank you for the reply. I understand the disappointment when seeing such comments, but truth be told, at the time of this post, people were rightfully upset. There were tons of outages that were costing businesses and home owners a lot of money. Companies were losing many (billable) hours, missing deadlines and not finishing work. At home, food was rotting in the fridge and appliances were breaking due to the constant surges…

        Combine that with the (lack of) communication of Facebook and you get this vitriol. People who pay hard earned money and get bad service in return….lashing out.

        Of course your own clients are going to be negative when service is bad. To give you an example. We pay close to 1000 guilders a month for water and power. Don’t you think I have the right to complain when the power goes for the fourth time in one week? Wouldn’t you, as a paying customer, complain when you are feeling screwed over?

    • S. Fung Loij
    • And again another day without Aqualectra power!

      First of all dear pr department get to know the true meaning and proper use of PUBLIC RELATIONS. I’m in the PR business for over 15 years and you guys make my skin crawl when it comes to communicating with your customers. The only reasons why you still have clients is because of your monopoly position on the island, we have no other to turn to. Do you really think people would stay if they had the choice between you and another energy supplier?

      Ever since I live on the island of Curacao I hear the name Aqualectra and experience your service in the most negative way. Not only do you guys underestimate the intelligence of your clients but you also show that you don’t give a shit about your customers complains. So before posting posts like above, have a good look in the mirror and dare to confront yourself with the question, how well are we doing? I think if you are honest enough you will agree with me when I say “you guys stink, in every way possible”. Just read the posts above and on your FB, I think they speak for them self and give you a very good view of how “well” you guys are doing. Good PR is also admitting of your short comings!

      Kind regards,
      A customer who always pays her bill but get a very bad service in return!

      Ps. if you ever need a real professional to train your pr department please contact me at or check our website at

    • Pangeran
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