Answering Those TRES Questions… And A Snazzy Flow Bus

So, I finally got around to sending those questions you guys had over to TRES. I asked the senior network engineer about ip’s, port forwarding and IPV6 and this is what I got..

The ip’s are dynamic, public ip’s, but the lease time is so long that you’ll probably get the same ip again when it renews. This is not a guarantee, so don’t assume that you’ll always have the same ip, but chances are that it will happen more often than not. As for port forwarding, I was told that they are looking into a way to give customers access to their modems. Customers currently do not have access to the back-end, but they want to make it possible in the near future. The network engineer told me they wanted to give customers “regulated” access so that everything doesn’t become complete chaos…

As for the IPV6…yes, the network is IPV6 ready and they already sent the request over to LACNIC. Now they just have to wait…. But again, it’s a hybrid network, ready for IPV6…

Oh, the fine folks over at Flow sent me a picture of their new bus. They have a few driving around on the island and they’re wondering if you guys have already spotted them. I’ve spotted one a few days ago… * feels intitled * * gets punched in the knees *

Flow Bus

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