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Curacao Connected is Curacao’s biggest tech community. We are read by tech and social media fanatics and are followed by many big companies and media members on Curacao, making us the perfect platform to advertise (Curacao related) tech, Internet, web, mobile and social media products and services.

Since breaking the big Flow Curacao launch in 2010, our traffic and readership has steadily risen. Since then we’ve been profiled on Dolfijn FM, mentioned in local newspapers and approached by companies like TRES, Digicel and UTS.

Regular Ads and Advertorials

Curacao Connected gives you the opportunity to place vertical banner ads, button ads, medium rectangle ads and text ads. Ads can be placed for a fixed duration (e.g. one month) or for a certain amount of page views (e.g. 10.000). We can also advertise your product or service through an advertorial.

Below you can see the various ad formats we offer and see examples of their placement on the website.

Curacao Connected Ad Formats

Leaderboard (728 x 90)
The leaderboard ad is placed at the top of the page (home or internal), right next to our logo. This image ad has a premium location and gets the most views.

Banner (468 x 60)
This small vertical image banner is located at the bottom of every post, right between the end of the content area and the start of the comments section.

Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)
The medium rectangle image ads are located on the right hand side of the page. Two rectangle ads are visible on the front page, while one rectangle ad is visible on individual posts and pages.

Button (125 x 125)
Four button image ads are located on the right hand side of the page, visible on both the front page and on the internal pages.

Text Ads
Text ads can be placed on the right hand side of the page (home and internal) or within page content.

Ad Formats
Image ads can be delivered in .png, .jpg, .gif or flash formats.

Location Examples

Click the images below to see location of the different ad formats.

Curacao Connected Ads

Curacao Connected front page ads

Curacao Connected Ads

Curacao Connected internal ads

Advertise on Curacao Connected

For more information, including advertising rates and website traffic statistics, please contact us via

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