A Small Update… With Some TRES Server Pictures

After I posted that TRES story last week, one commenter asked about static and dynamic ip addresses and about port forwarding. I didn’t get the chance to ask for you guys, but I will try today. I’ll shoot the network engineer an email and see what he has to say…

For those who want to see some pictures of their server racks (odd, I know), I’ve placed a few after the jump. It’s nothing great, unless you like looking at cables.

Ow, I also wrote a little article about Flow and TRES for Dolfijn FM magazine. It’s a short article that just explains the basics, so if you have been following this website, it won’t really have anything new for you. It was aimed especially at those who still don’t really know what both companies have to offer. The article was also posted over at Versgeperst, so check it out over there if you want…

Tres Equipment

Tres equipment

TRES equipment

TRES equipment

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