A Post?? Yes, A Post! (That Delayed TRES Story….Well, A Part Of It At Least…..)

So, on October 1st I made a trip to the TRES offices and the plan was to have a story up by October 4th, right as TRES would launch their website. Well, I think you all saw how that worked out. Life took some unexpected turns and as a result, I haven’t updated the site in almost two months..

* hangs head in shame *
* moves to Madagascar *
* hangs with the penguins *

Well, I don’t know how much “news” I’d give you guys by writing this story now, but I hope that I’m still bringing something to the table…even though I’ve been slacking recently…

Stop Stalling. Tell Us About Tres
Ok, lets start at the beginning. TRES started as the ‘Santa Barbara Utilities’ and the plan was to only deliver service to the Hyatt and the houses in Santa Barbara. After a while it was decided that they could service the entire island and that plan was set in motion. Cables were hung, equipment was added and now the entire island can get telephone, Internet and television services from TRES.

Ok. But, They Have Fiber Internet Right?
Yes, TRES offers 100% fiber to home broadband. As for the network, it works like this. There are 2 rings and 4 nodes (Santa Maria, Santa Rosa, Santa Barbara en Vredenberg). The network is set up in a way that if one of the nodes drops, the traffic gets routed via another node. According to TRES director Bert Perez, they can recover 10 Gigs in 5 milliseconds, so, in other words, if the node you are connected to drops, you shouldn’t notice a thing. *

* why did I use so many commas in that sentence?No clue…no clue whatsoever..

Perez added that TRES has tremendous flexibility on their network because they are 100% fiber from the ground up. Anyways, I’ll just drop some technical words for those who are interested. 12K switch, IP-centric, Flat Layer 2 Network, Metro Ethernet, Point to Point, CAT-6, etc, etc…

Fiber Sounds Great. Tell Me More….
Well, the cool thing is that TRES gives you a UPS when they install inside your home or business. So, even if you have a power outage, you’ll still be able to make phone calls or surf on your laptop. I also liked the fact that if you want to upgrade or change a certain service, that it will happen in real time as you talk on the phone with a customer service rep. Their equipment is also supposed to be future proof, so a few years from now, minor changes can easily be made in your home and on the network.

In the future, they should be offering Video On Demand, giving you over 1,000 movies which you can download and watch on Pay Per View. The TRES Expo Center which is being built at their Parera office is cool as well. It’s an area where people can come and see all the things that TRES has to offer. Surf with the fiber broadband connection, check out the Video On Demand and see 3D Tv.

Show Me Some Pictures!
Fine…stop yelling…

TRES Modem

The TRES modem and receiver

Tres modem and receiver

Hmmm..nice watch…

Tres Receiver

The receiver…from the back. Tons of possibilities

TRES servers

A part of the server room at the Santa Barbara office…

As for the tv receiver, you get an HD-receiver for free, with the option to upgrade to a DVR.

I’m Intrigued. You Sure That This Is Stable Right?
Well, I haven’t taken the connection for a test drive, but mister Perez and the TRES technicians made it very clear that they run a very stable network. “We can offer unlimited bandwidth”, said Perez. “And with fiber, either it works or it doesn’t. There is no in between. We can basically guarantee a stable connection 99.99999999% of the time.”

Alright. Where Are They Starting And When Will They Be In My Neighborhood?
Besides Santa Barbara, you can currently sign up if you’re in Toni Kunchi, Van Engelen, Mahaai, Cas Cora and Dominguito. I was told that customer demand will determine which neighborhoods will follow, but don’t hold me to that.

Where Can I Get Package And Pricing Info?
Eh… the TRES site will handle the rest I suppose…

Well guys, this is not the TRES story I was originally was going to write, but it will have to do for now. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, just email me or drop it in the comments and I’ll see if I have that info…

Thanks again for the support during the tumultuous times and hopefully I’ll be updating daily, or at least a few times a week again…

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