A Customer Shares A Small Flow Installation Review

So, a customer who got hooked up to Flow today was kind enough to send a little review in our direction..

The installation took about 30 minutes. The installation guy was on time and friendly, that’s something you won’t see at UTS. The connection is also really stable and the TV service is good.

Well, that’s obviously good to hear, but remember to share any negative experiences (if there are) as well. That said, if you have been hooked up to Flow, TRES or have gotten the UTS VDSL upgrade recently, feel free to share your experiences (good or bad) with us. The more user reviews we get, the better informed people will be.

Speaking of TRES, I’ve reached out to them to see what’s going on over there these days. I haven’t heard much since my last visit, so I thought it would be cool to touch bases again and see how things are going.

And if you’re wondering about Digicel, it was pretty quiet today. I’m still waiting for my Digicel 4G test drive and on the answers to your questions….


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